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Early in their dating, they both agreed to cancel their online dating subscriptions and to be exclusive -- so that they could focus on getting to know each other built on a solid foundation of loyalty, honesty and trust.

Several months into dating, she found out through a mutual friend that he was back online on the dating site, but hadn't told her.

And as we worked together, I could see that she was starting to spiral down into questions of why and why her, and down, down, down into that suffering and muddy place of feeling unworthy, unlovable, flawed, self critical, etc.

At that point, I asked her how this perceived rejection might actually be a way that her higher self was protecting her.

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But time after time, for some unknown reason, I experienced the sting of rejection.As I grew older, not only did I expect rejection, I began reading it into the actions and expressions of others.I told myself I was essentially unlikable and helplessly flawed.How is this rejection helping me to learn, grow and become happier in my life going forward?The Reward of Rejection Here's a story that exemplifies this perfectly.

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