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The site is well-designed, unlike 90 percent of the web design websites out there that look like they were built in the 1990’s and never updated.

The format is simple and fast — just click on the Examples link on the main page, and you’ll find a listing of HTML elements like layout, coloring, text and more.

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Thankfully, there are now some awesome websites that do offer well-designed and useful HTML coding examples and tutorials.Now, while HTML Dog is my favorite when it comes to checking basic syntax, W3Schools is the place I usually go when I want to get a bit fancy with my web coding.It’s one of the more popular resources for all simple and dynamic coding examples, from PHP through JQuery and Javascript — but you’ll also find an awesome section filled with basic HTML coding examples.” and you’ll see the results in the area to the right. Another site that’s on the same level as W3Schools in terms of usefulness and modern design is Quackit.The main site offers a fair number of HTML examples, everything from HTML text formatting and proper linking to HTML forms, stylesheets and meta tags.But the real gem on this website is the Practi Code Online Code Editor.

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