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Your group might go by a specific name, meet up regularly at a favorite hangout, and even use hand signs, symbols, or dress a certain way to show that you are loyal to each other. You might run with a crowd that you know through school, your neighborhood, or through mutual friends.My parents came here so I could have a better life.But, they can't relate to what it’s like to be an American teen. So I started hanging out with this crew who are like me — they understand where I'm coming from."To feel powerful"I've always been the kid that's picked on and made fun of.You have the inner strength and courage you need to get out, but you also need support from others.Turn to a parent/guardian, teacher, counselor, or other trusted adult, who can help you safely get out of your gang.

You probably see and hear about gang life on TV, in the movies, or in the music you listen to.

In an interesting new trend in Thailand, young men are choosing to dress themselves as Mexican gangsters.

Their clothes (or lack thereof), hairstyles, and tattoos are all inspired by criminal gangs in Mexico and the US.

You’d actually be surprised to know that most of them hold nine to five jobs as teachers, policemen and bureaucrats.

Some are family men who ask their wives’ permission before getting inked. ” Several other men share similar stories – ordinary people by day, gangsters by night.

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