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Because even if it doesn’t happen every day, it’s become a As long as I’ve been writing online, I’ve had trolls.Recently I participated in the #whitewashed OUT hashtag, as many of us did, and this was the [incredibly mild!As a transracial/transcultural adoptee, I already know I’m kind of a banana, though in my case I never rejected any aspect of my culture — it just flat-out wasn’t available to me until I was older and could go in search of it.So part of the reason my few but loud Asian American harassers really rankle — apart from the fact that they’re just spouting genuinely awful things, and bringing my children into it — is because of my own insecurity as a Korean, and the extra work I’ve had to do to figure out my identity as an adopted person.Noah: you call out racism against Asian men, Nikki, yet some don’t do you the same courtesy of backing you up.

[Nothing could be further from the truth; I actually wonder/worry a lot about my kids over-identifying with their non-Asian heritage, because it would be They’re already getting plenty of not-at-all-subtle societal messages about whose culture matters most.] Will they just dismiss me as a banana?

I worry that there’s some kind of fetishism at play, and sometimes I also reflexively internalize it as “why do they think Asian men are ugly? However, I can acknowledge that this comes from a) my own deep insecurities about everything physical about myself, and b) my anger about actual fetishism, none of which makes me think I have the right to police individual Asian women for their choices.

My reaction has nothing to do with Asian women generally or one Asian person in particular — it’s a rage at the systemic things in media and culture that have led me to believe my Asianness is unattractive and unwanted.

I’ve been called a mutt plenty of times by white people, and by Asian people, too.

White supremacists have obviously been on the whole “fear of white genocide” thing forever and using interracial marriages as evidence that it’s happening.

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