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Growing up I was quite chunky, even into my early 20’s I still held a lot of weight.

But losing all that weight had some big advantages, and not just health-wise.

I went a little girl crazy when I was about 24, bringing home a new girl almost every night and having my way with them, knowing my hardened, fit body drove them crazy.

I guess you could say I was a bit of a man-whore but I think I deserved it, having been rejected so often in my youth because of my size.

I wouldn’t say I possess a god like body or anything like that.I imagine the view from behind was just as wonderful!I peeled my eyes away from her smooth thighs and looked back up to her face, flashing her a smile. Do you really think I’m going to be swimming in here all summer, laughing at you guys while you sweat your asses off?It’s not like I had those rock-hard 6-pack abs, or biceps the size of a tree trunk, but I had been working very hard at building up my landscaping company the past few years and it gave me a very muscular, very fit physique.I was maybe a little more vain about my body than some people because I still wasn’t very used to being so fit.

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