Rachel truehart and nick peterson dating

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It doesn't sounds like Father » - lostinmiami By Rachel Bennett Television Editor & Columnist***You know the saying: Don’t arrive to a party too early, and don’t stay too late. When a show is great, you want it to stick around — but you don’t want it to overstay its welcome.Usually, as the seasons stack up, a series declines in quality and has to scrape the bottom of the barrel for new ideas.Harrison has now written in his blog for Entertainment Weekly that he felt bad for Truehart, who is recovering from the break-up of her relationship with fellow Bachelor Pad contestant Michael Stagliano.He also suggested that Peterson "didn't handle the situation well after he won the money" but pointed out that Bachelor Pad is "a game".Hollywood Life: Where do things stand between you and Mike now? It kinda » - Nicole Karlis Just because Glee dipped into the Britney Spears songbook for the second time in its four-season history doesn’t mean Fox’s (partial) high school musical is out of fresh ideas.

By the end, it's clear what his choice is: He keeps the money for himself, leaving Rachel with nothing. Read More Monday night's Bachelor Pad finale caused a lot of controversy, and it looks like viewers are still torn between whether winner Nick Peterson is a heartless meanie or the smartest player in the game.

Nick Peterson chose Keep, knowing pretty confidently his partner Rachel Trueheart chose Share, thereby awarding himself the full 0,000. She's, I'm sure, not going to say nice things about me.

I think I'll let it slow down for a little while and then hopefully we can patch things up."On the plan to share the money:"I honestly was going into it planning on sharing.

Schuester huffing and puffing that New Directions might come under fire from the National Show Choir Board of Review. » - Michael Slezak Fans were shocked when Nick betrayed Rachel and chose to keep All the money on the ' Bachelor Pad 3' season finale!

Hollywood caught up Exclusively with Rachel who told us she still hasn't received an apology from Nick since that awful day. Rachel Truehart thought she had a friend in her Bachelor Pad 3 partner, Nick Peterson, all along -- until the very final minutes of the final episode.

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