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I remember hiding in the jungle many a night to escape from marauding guerrillas," she said.Saroja lives with her mother, the only member of her family to survive a bomb attack on a public bus in 2006.Women and girls whose male relatives were killed in Sri Lanka's brutal civil war are now helping the country recover, taking on roles formerly reserved for men and heading to schools and universities to complete their education.The so-called "Border Girls" mostly come from towns and villages which formed a human buffer zone between the opposing sides during the 27-year conflict, which ended in 2009 and left tens of thousands of civilians dead, many of them killed in the war's bloody final phase.Sri Lankan cricket team’s interim coach, Nic Pothas had blasted the current set up following the nine-wicket defeat at Dambulla saying “too many cooks” were responsible for the current plight of the national team, which was also routed 3-0 in the Test series.READ | India aim to seal the deal in Pallekele with Sri Lanka cricket in disarray However, Sri Lanka Cricket took the drastic step on Wednesday of asking South African Pothas to issue a statement at the press conference ahead of the second ODI to be played at the Pallekele International Stadium on Thursday.Whenever reports of widespread casualties due to military operations appeared in the press, the army continued to accuse the Tamil Tigers of using civilians as human shields. I cling on to life just to look after my little daughter."Her story mirrors that of many other women in the border villages.Saroja's mother M Manulawathie said her life was ruined by the war. One study by FOKUS Women, an international resource centre studying women's issues, said in 2015 that about 57 per cent of women in border villages lost their partners either directly or indirectly due to the war.

She lost most of her family due to the war."I was born in Yakawewa and since I was very little there were Tamil Tiger issues.We certainly have learnt from them and spoken to them.We are very, very confident how we are going to work.She said Room to Read had helped her to focus on her education and allowed her to acknowledge it was important."This is the first time I've been out of that area ...I want to reach a top level and I want to help my community and other girls like me to get into a university," she said.

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