Stravinsky ballet dating from 1911 Adultchat in

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I came upon this in connection with the American poet Ezra Pound, who (as I suppose you do know) was a staunch supporter of fascist Italy.

In the article there is this claim: [As he himself said, with these premieres his intention was "[to send] them all to hell".] Anyone know the source for this?

It probably belongs in chronological order in the bio, with some details to flesh it out.

(Assuming it is true; I've never heard this before myself, and works like the Symphony in Three Movements are usually interpreted as a fierce attack on fascism.) Antandrus (talk) , 1 October 2005 (UTC) Actually the Grove article goes into this in some detail.

I have never seen, or heard of, this in years of studying Stravinsky ...

but then, of course, I haven't read absolutely everything.

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