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In Puerto de la Cruz, only 7 minutes from Hotel Botanico, be sure to visit the incredible and internationally renowned Loro Parque animal park, which is also the most beloved tourist attraction of the Canary Islands.

Five floors of stunning architecture make up the main building, and beside it a second smaller building is also caught on camera.

The Hacienda de Castro was built in the beginning of the 16th century by Hernando de Castro.

This Portuguese merchant received the land in the first distribution and it then became a fruitful agricultural operation.

Many restaurants—most specialised in grilled meat—and countless leisure spots equipped with barbecues and other services are the perfect accessory for enjoying this gorgeous park that the people of Tenerife are particularly proud of.

The Rambla de Castro protected landscape is a rich natural area and one of the most lush and fertile parts of the island.

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