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Whatever you’re thinking of right now is not an exception. Too many people are desperate to “settle down” and they lose track of finding the right person, when your values should be the other way around.

No one will be excited to be in a relationship because they are a warm body with the right kind of genitals that happened to be around.

When you’re trying to find The One, you have to be thinking about yourself in order to find the best fit. Of course we’re referring to her breakup with Kenny.

I mean, has there ever been a more mature moment on the show??

If you are an avid Facebook/Twitter user, consider dating someone who isn’t.

will probably agree when we say, Rachel is one of the best and most real (keep it 100, amiright? She’s a delightful and intelligent lead who knows what she’s doing and more importantly, she knows how to date—which sounds like a given but it’s not the case with our leading ladies.

When you want to establish a connection with someone, ask them about their family.

Inevitably they will say something sad at which point you can rub their arm and say “that must be hard for you.” Okay, I stole this trick from Friends, but it totally works.

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If Rachel is disappointed or not into someone/something you can tell instantly just from looking at her.

Their attention is also primarily on the road and secondarily on the conversation you’re having, so if you catch them off guard they’ll feel both comfortable and surprised enough to give you an honest answer.

Also, sitting side by side with someone during a difficult conversation is less intimidating than staring each other in the eyes.2.

Watching Rachel sift through 31 guys over the past few weeks has been more than just entertaining, it’s also been—believe it or not—educational.

Rachel has given us something this season that no other Bachelor/ette When it comes to confrontation, Rachel is the #goals we never knew we needed.

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