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In contrast, a classic report does not include any of these customization features.

The following is an example of a classic report built on top of the same data.

A Link Column displays on the left side of an interactive report.

It can link to a single row view, a custom target, or be excluded from the report.

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To download a report: By default, an interactive report includes a Search Bar, Column Heading Menu links, and Link Column icons.

You can generate reports by selecting and running a built-in query, or by defining a report region based on a SQL query.

Topics in this section include: Oracle Application Express includes two main report types, an interactive report and a classic report.

Available pagination options include: You can add a Download option to the Actions menu to enable users to export an interactive report as a comma-delimited file (CSV) format, Microsoft Excel (XLS) format, Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF), and Microsoft Word Rich Text Format (RTF).

Description of the illustration To add a download link to a report you must enable the CSV output option.

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