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Only when I disconnect the mains AA1 dies instantly. Only when I disconnect the mains AA1 dies instantly. I dropped my Acer Aspire One netbook computer a few years ago and I haven't been able to boot it.

Don't know if that is your case or not but seems like the Acer Aspire One is shipped with a defective BIOS and some people is having this problem they get black screen and nothing happen just the power button LED.Honestly, you did all the right steps but this is a 5 year old computer, and parts are only garunteed for 3 years.Considering a better replacement for those specs is only 9 at Walmart (a new laptop) would be fiscally the smarter move as there are no 'parts' just readily available to buy at your local Big Box / Electronics store for laptops.The only light to come on is the light around the power button.It stays solid (as it would if it was operating normally) until I remove all power or hold the power button.

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