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Context pallid or whitish, tinged greenish, or dull bluish green, when dry becoming yellowish to vinaceous.

GILLS "cream buff" to "pale ochraceous orange", lamellulae numerous, edges even to slightly rough.

(Hesler) HABITAT cespitose to subcespitose on conifer wood, or more rarely on hardwood.

Separated from Pholiota and other members of the Strophariaceae by the distinct spore ornamentation.Gymnopilus punctifolius CAP 2.5-10 cm broad, convex to nearly plane, buttons lilac-vinaceous, then dull green with a bluish green bloom, or variable, green, blue, and yellow mixed (dried caps yellowish buff tinged with faded vinaceous or pale olivaceous buff). STIPE (2.5-) 10-15 cm long, 5-10 (14) mm thick, ± concolorous with cap, staining brownish yellow or olive-ochre within, striate, stuffed then hollow. Cuticle a repent zone of brown hyphae, bearing a turf of slender, erect, filamentous to subventricose, capitate pileocystidia.Often fibrillose and squamulose around the disc, becoming glabrous with age, dry, margin involute. MICROSTRUCTURES Spores 4-4.5 (-6.5) x 3.5-4 (-5) , mostly ovoid or subovoid, -inequilateral, verruculose to somewhat asperulate, dextrinoid. Gill trama reddish brown and hymenium dark red in KOH.VEIL arachnoid to submembranous, yellowish, forming a fugacious annulus.MICROSTRUCTURES spores (5.5-)6-8.5 x (3.5-)4-4.5 ; pleuro-, cheilo-, pileo-, and caulocystidia; pileus trama interwoven.

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