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Because my dad was a grocer, we always had enough to eat, though we were definitely lower middle class.So, with few people who looked like me, I became more and more introverted.From You Offend Me You Offend My Family BY Dana Lee 06/14/2017 Dana Lee and Ken Jeong (photos via Dana Lee) Veteran actor Dana Lee was a series regular on the ABC sitcom DR.KEN playing the role of DK–the divorced father of Ken Jeong’s titular character.Crazy Rich Asians is actually the first book in a trilogy and follows an American-born Chinese economics professor and boyfriend in high society in Asia.

I approached the speech teacher about taking a speech class. Long, who was also the drama coach, decided that acting was more suited for me.

So, desirous of overcoming my shyness I was willing to give it a try. Not for the spotlight or fame or money but I found my “voice” in acting. Long also taught me another thing, “You’re an actor. Don’t you ever forget that.” I haven’t forgotten it yet.

So, having a venue for my “voice” has always been the driving force in my career.

Today, one can say the industry has evolved to the point where the stereotypical mold of APIAs is considered broken.

APIA guys with white or black girlfriends, and badass APIA girls kicking ass.

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